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If I had lat/long data for all our leads in Salesforce, is there a way to write a query to group them, or say list all the leads within 10 miles of San Francisco, CA ?

[EDIT: Clarification]
I have thousands of leads with both a full address, and long/lats.
I want to build a query on these leads that will give me all of the leads near San Francisco, CA. This means doing GIS type work within salesforce.

I could of course filter specifically on city, or zipcodes or area code, but this presents some problems when trying to rollup a whole metro area.

Best Solution

Yes. You need to Reverse GeoCode them with a tool/service. In the past I have used Maporamas service but it was quite expensive and that was before Google maps and virtual earth existed so I am sure there is something cheaper(free) out there now.... Googling around I have found this and this


OK from What I understand you are trying to calculate the distance between 2 lat/long points. I would start by discounting the ones that where outside you sphere of (lets say) 10 miles. So from your central point you will want to get the the coordinates 10 miles, East, West, South and North. To do this you need to use the Great-circle distance formula.

From that point you have you Sales Force Data if you wish to break this data up further then you need to order the points by distance from the central point. To do this you need to use the Haversine formula

I am not sure what you language preference is so I just included some examples from SQL(mainly) and C#

Haversine Formula in C# and in SQL

Determine the distance between ZIP codes using C#

Great Circle SQL

Great Circle 2

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