How to suppress blank pages in SQL Reports


I have a SQL Report that insists on printing an extra blank page at the end, even though all the report items should fit on one page. I tried shortening the elements on the page that is spilling over, but no matter how much I compress them, or how much blank space is left on the first page, SRS still thinks it needs to take up another page as well. This is annoying because it's such a common problem – all it takes is one mistake to make a report spill over. So I'm not asking how can I fix this on this one report, but how can I fix this on this and future reports: Is there a flag or setting I can set to tell SRS "No matter what, never print more than 1 page"? Or "Suppress blank pages = true"?

Best Solution

Try removing any 'empty space' from the body. Shrink the editing surface to be just large enough for all your ReportItems, both height-wise and width-wise. ReportingServices thinks the space you have in your body is intentional, so it's preserved.

If that doesn't help and you're noticing this issue on 2005, give the 2008 version a try. There's a new property, ConsumeContainerWhitespace that helps reduce blank pages.

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