Wcf – How to upload a file to a WCF Service


I've build a WCF Service to accept a file and write it to disk. The front-end consists of a page with SWFUpload which is handling the upload on the client side. Apparently, SWFUpload posts the data with a Content Type of: multipart/form-data.

I would think this ok but on the Service side I get an error. The error is "ProtocolException" expecting text/xml. I've tried different message encodings in the bindings but nothing seems to work.

How can I get this file uploaded using multipart/form-data?

Best Solution


@JasonS is right, to upload file you need to transfer it as a byte stream. You need to use WCF streaming. For example on how to upload file via WCF see an article from http://kjellsj.blogspot.com

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