Perl – How to “use” a Perl module in a directory not in @INC


I have a module in the parent directory of my script and I would like to 'use' it.

If I do

use '../';

I get syntax errors.

I tried to do:

push @INC, '..';
use EPMS;

and .. apparently doesn't show up in @INC

I'm going crazy! What's wrong here?

Best Solution

use takes place at compile-time, so this would work:

BEGIN {push @INC, '..'}
use EPMS;

But the better solution is to use lib, which is a nicer way of writing the above:

use lib '..';
use EPMS;

In case you are running from a different directory, though, the use of FindBin is recommended:

use FindBin;                     # locate this script
use lib "$FindBin::RealBin/..";  # use the parent directory
use EPMS;