Wpf – How to use an icon that is a resource in WPF


I have a .ico file that is embedded as a resource (build action set to resource). I am trying to create a NotifyIcon. How can I reference my icon?

notifyIcon = new NotifyIcon();
notifyIcon.Icon = ??     // my icon file is called MyIcon.ico and is embedded

Best Solution

Your icon file should be added to one of your project assemblies and its Build Action should be set to Resource. After adding a reference to the assembly, you can create a NotifyIcon like this:

System.Windows.Forms.NotifyIcon icon = new System.Windows.Forms.NotifyIcon();
Stream iconStream = Application.GetResourceStream( new Uri( "pack://application:,,,/YourReferencedAssembly;component/YourPossibleSubFolder/YourResourceFile.ico" )).Stream;
icon.Icon = new System.Drawing.Icon( iconStream );