Bash – How to you export your .bashrc to .zshrc


I am trying to move to zsh from Bash.

I put my .bashrc directly to my .zshrc, and it caused a lot of errors when I try to use Bash again.

How can you export your .bashrc to .zshrc?

Best Solution

While lhunath's answer pushed me in the right direction, zsh does not seem to source .profile automatically. Lot's of good info on this topic can be found on this superuser post.

The adaption I'm using is putting common aliases and functions in .profile and manually sourcing them as follows:

In ~/.bashrc:

source ~/.profile

In ~/.zshrc:

[[ -e ~/.profile ]] && emulate sh -c 'source ~/.profile'

emulate is a zsh builtin command. With single argument set up zsh options to emulate the specified shell as much as possible.