Hibernate – HQL and one-to-many queries


I have Hibernate domain objects that looks like this:

   class Player {
      List<Item> inventory;

   class Item {
      List<Enchantment> enchantments;

   class Enchantment {
      boolean isSuperiorEnchantment;

I need to construct an HQL query that returns to me a list of all players that have at least one item with an enchantment on it that has the isSuperiorEnchantment flag set. I can't for the life of me figure out a way to express this in HQL.

Any ideas?

Best Solution

Assuming the appropriate mappings on all of the above, the query you're looking for is:

select p
from Player as p
  left join p.inventory as i
  left join i.enchantments as e
where e.isSuperiorEnchantment = 1
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