Linux – HTTP Live Streaming : The Linux nightmare


I'm working on a music VOD app on iPhone, and thanks to Apple guidelines, I have to run a HTTP Live Streaming in order to be accepted on the AppStore. But, since Apple doesn't care about 98% of servers on earth, they don't provide their so magical HTTP Live Streaming Tools for Linux-based systems. And from this point, the nightmare starts.

My goal is simple : Take an MP3, segmentate it and generate a simple .m3u8 index file.
I googled "HTTP Live Streaming Linux" and "Oh great ! lots of people have already done that"!

First, I visited the (so famous) post by Carson McDonald.
Result : the svn segmentate.c was old, buggy and a nightmare to compile (Nobody in this world can precise what version of ffmpeg they are using !).
Then I came across the Carson's git repo, but too bad, there is a lot of annoying ruby stuff and live_segmenter.c can't take mp3 files.

Then I searched more deeply. I found this stackoverflow topic, and it's exactly what I want to do. So I have followed the advice from juuni to use this script (httpsegmenter). Result: Impossible to compile anything, 2 days of works and finally I managed to compile it (ffmpeg 8.1 w/ httpsegmenter rev17). And no, this is not a good script, it does take mp3 files, but the ts files generated and the index file can't be read by a player.

Then the author of the post krisbulman, came with a solution, and even gave a patched version of m3u8-segmenter by his own (git repo). I test it : doesn't compile, do nothing. So I took the original version from johnf I managed to compile and miracle it works (not really).
I used this command line (ffmpeg 0.8.1):

ffmpeg -er 4 -i music.mp3 -f mpegts -acodec libmp3lame -ar 44100 -ab 128k -vn - | m3u8-segmenter -i - -d 10 -p outputdir/prefix -m outputdir/output.m3u8 -u

This script encode my mp3 file (it takes 4 seconds, too long), and pass it to the m3u8-segmenter to segment it into 10 seconds .TS files.

I tested this stream with Apple's mediastreamvalidator on my mac, and it said that it was OK. So i played it into quicktime, but there is about 0.2 seconds blank between each .TS files !!

So here is my situation, it's a nightmare, I can't get a simple mp3 stream over the HLS protocol. Is there a simple WORKING solution to segmentate a mp3 ? Why can't I directly segmentate the mp3 file into multiple mp3 files like Apple's mediafilesegmenter does?

Best Solution

Use libfaac insteam of libmp3lame which eliminates the 0.2 second break.