Icons on menus of MFC Feature Pack classes


There are three places where menus show up in the new MFC functionality (Feature Pack):

  • In menu bars (CMFCMenuBar)
  • In popup menus (CMFCPopupMenu)
  • In the 'dropdown menu' version of CMFCButton

I want to put icons (high-color and with transparancy) in the menus in all of them. I have found CFrameWndEx::OnDrawMenuImage() which I can use to custom draw the icons in front of the menu bar items. It's not very convenient, having to implement icon drawing in 2008, but it works. For the others I haven't found a solution yet. Is there an automagic way to set icons for menus?

Best Solution

This is how I got it to work:


, as the others said, create an invisible toolbar next to your main toolbar (I'm using the usual names based on AppWizard's names):

class CMainFrame
    CMFCToolBar m_wndToolBar;
    CMFCToolBar m_wndInvisibleToolBar;

int CMainFrame::OnCreate(LPCREATESTRUCT lpCreateStruct)

    // Normal, visible toolbar
        VERIFY( m_wndToolBar.LoadToolBar(
            theApp.m_bHiColorIcons ? IDR_MAINFRAME_256 : IDR_MAINFRAME) );

        // Only the docking makes the toolbar visible

    // Invisible toolbar; simply calling Create(this) seems to be enough
        // Just load, no docking and stuff
        VERIFY( m_wndInvisibleToolBar.LoadToolBar(IDR_OTHERTOOLBAR) );

Second: The images and toolbar resources

IDR_MAINFRAME and IDR_MAINFRAME_256 were generated by AppWizard. The former is the ugly 16 color version and the latter is the interesting high color version.
Despite its name, if I remember correctly, even the AppWizard-generated image has 24bit color depth. The cool thing: Just replace it with a 32bit image and that'll work, too.

There is the invisible toolbar IDR_OTHERTOOLBAR: I created a toolbar with the resource editor. Just some dummy icons and the command IDs. VS then generated a bitmap which I replaced with my high color version. Done!


Don't open the toolbars with the resource editor: It may have to convert it to 4bit before it can do anything with it. And even if you let it do that (because, behind Visual Studio's back, wou're going to replace the result with the high color image again, ha!), I found that it (sometimes?) simply cannot edit the toolbar. Very strange.
In that case I advise to directly edit the .rc file.

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