Inspect in IFrame in IE8 Developer Tools


I really enjoyed using the Developer Toolbar with IE7, and recently upgraded to IE8 to take advantage of (what appeared to be) more full-featured developer tools.

The IE8 tool is really excellent (finally rivals FireBug), but I can't seem to inspect inside an iframe, which I could with the IE7 toolbar.

I'd prefer not to downgrade to IE7 because I like some of the other features of the IE8 tools, but the ability to inspect inside an iframe is a deal breaker.

Also, firebug is of limited utility to me because our site is an internally-deployed intranet app, which means "browser compatibility" is a very low priority, major functionality is often broken in FireFox.

Here's what the IE8 tools look like around the iframe

In firebug, I can see an <html> element under the iframe, which I can expand just like the rest of the page

The <iframe> in question has its src attribute set server-side (in the ASP.NET code-behind)

I get the same result on this Iframe example page. If anyone can use the IE8 developer tools to inspect inside that iframe then I'd like to hear about it.

Best Solution

Install the final release of IE8 and you will easily walk through any element including iFrame and other container controls.