R – Installed Visual SVN Server, except I get this message when do SVN Check Out


So I installed VisualSVN Server and TortoiseSVN client. And I created a user on the SVN Server, and now I went to a new folder c:\src, right click and choose "SVN Checkout…", and it always gives me this message

Checkout from https://bookroom:8443/svn, revision HEAD, Fully recursive, Externals included

Error: OPTIONS of 'https://bookroom:8443/svn': 200 OK (https://bookroom:8443)  


bookroom is the name of my PC…

any one know how to solve this?

Best Solution

I'm guessing that https://bookroom:8443/svn isn't a valid Subversion repository.

You should have created one or more repositories that fall underneath /svn so the url you want to checkout from would be something like https://bookroom:8443/svn/reponame

For example, here's the VisualSVN manager on my machine:

VisualSVN Manager

Let's say my main url is https://mark:8443/svn. You can see how I have one repository called adhoc so I would checkout the url https://mark:8443/svn/adhoc.