Integrating Silverlight into aspx page


How we can add the silverlight project into a aspx page. I had created one digital clock project in silverlight. But i don't know how to integrate with the aspx page.
Thanks in advance..

Best Solution

Just to be clear: There is no need to use .Net to host silverlight.

It is a browser plugin and you use the html object tag to host it. Here is all the information you need:

How to: Add Silverlight to a Web Page by Using HTML

Also, here is a quick example:

<object width="300" height="300"
    type="application/x-silverlight-2" >
    <param name="source" value="SilverlightApplication1.xap"/>

If you are using Asp.Net, There is a project that contains sample server controls for hosting silverlight objects. You can get it here: ASP.NET Server Controls for Silverlight Samples