R – Invalid file descriptor problem with Git on Windows


I've been using Git on Linux for about a year, and everything works fine. Since recently, a colleague has joined development and he's using Windows. Everything works fine there as well, but sometimes when he tries to push changes to a remote repository (bare) on Linux server it bails out with 'Invalid file descriptor' message.

I update the same remote repository using Linux git without any problems. We tried WinGit 0.2 and MSysGit (downloaded today, uses Git 1.5.6). Both have the same problem.

I should mention that network is working without any problems. I can clone the whole repository again from scrach. I just cannot push any changes to it.

Has anyone seen something like this before?

Best Solution

Maybe you have problem with your anti virus. I had the same problem on my machine, I was(still) use nod32, just disable thread protection module IMON, that could fix the problem.