Objective-c – iPhone: Problems with Formatted String (Objective C)


I need help.
How come this does not work:

NSProcessInfo *process = [NSProcessInfo processInfo];
NSString *processName = [process processName];
int processId = [process processIdentifier];
NSString *processString = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"Process Name: @% Process ID: %f", processName, processId];

But this does:

NSLog(@"Process Name: %@ Process ID: %d", [[NSProcessInfo processInfo] processName], [[NSProcessInfo processInfo] processIdentifier]);

Best Solution

  • %@: Output the string form of an object (including NSString).
  • %f: Output a floating point number (float)
  • %d: Output an integral number (int)
  • %x: Output hexadecimal form of a number

Your original NSString:stringWithFormat: had two issues:

  1. @% should be %@ to output an NSString.
  2. You use %f instead of %d to output an int.