R – Is it possible to prevent decompilation of .NET MSIL DLL


Almost all the .net assemblies can be de-compiled using Reflection .Which means that all .net products are open source since the code can be easily be used by other developers.
Isnt there a way so that we can encrypt the codes (at least for some security logic) so that it cannot be easily cracked or misused.


Old question Is winforms .net really equal to open source? was edited considering comments regarding proper use of the word Open Source

Best Solution


All code can be reverse engineered, copied, cloned, reused, relinked and other things. What open source means is that it is free in the legal sense from restrictions, so people can learn from the code. This also means technology can grow and a stronger long-term tech economy can be created, rather than short-termism. Read the "Cathedral and the Bazaar" for a biased but relevant point of view.

I am not aware of a sufficiently strong code protection method that isn't just high obfuscation and is only security through obscurity. Your question alone says you need to know more about the topic you are asking about by reading and researching the technical, logical and possibly the philosophical qualities of the question's intent.

Edit: I stand by my principle even though the use of the term "Open source" was retracted.