Is it possible to secure swf files


If we create an online SWF application, is there any way to secure it so that someone else doesn't download it and put it on their site? For instance, Webkinz is made with Flash, yet nobody is pirating it on their servers with the whole game unlocked. What is Webkinz doing that we can do?


Best Solution

1- Obfuscate your ActionScript using an advanced obfuscator such as secureSWF.

2- Domain lock your SWF files.

3- Create a dummy loader, rename the original SWF files and change their extension, then load the original SWF files using the dummy loader.

4- Make sure to prevent hot linking. (this will depend on your web server)

5- Encrypt sensitive strings in your ActionScript; either manually in your code, or you can also use secureSWF for that.

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