R – Is it worth learning SharePoint 2007?


Is it worth learning MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) 2007? What could be the future of it?

Best Solution

SharePoint is the fastest growing product in Microsoft history.

Even MS can't get enough experienced MOSS developers for support.

Learn MOSS and you should be pretty sure to stay in business, crises and all.

Also it's fun. I am aware that it has a rugged reputation when it comes to development, and the lack of good tools can be discouraging for many developers, but the truth is that it's a true ASP.NET application. Especially the deployment can seem cumbersome, but if you do it and do it good, you can move your code from environment to environment without a sweat. I haven't worked with any other CMS products that could do that, and I worked on a few!

So grab a SharePoint book and get coding :-)