R – Iterate thru DataRepeater (VB.Net PowerPack)


I am using the winform datarepeater control from vb.net power pack.

All of the items on the repeater are readonly except for a checkbox column.

I want to iterate over the items and find out which checkboxes are checked.

I can't find a collection of datarepeateritems on the control and help is scarce.

Thanks for the help.

Best Solution

You could iterate through the Controls list (generated from template)

  1. Rename your checkbox in the datarepeater to "checkBoxUnbound"

  2. Use the below code

    private void button3_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        int i = 0;
        CheckBox unboundCheckBox;
        foreach (Control c in dataRepeater1.Controls)
            unboundCheckBox = c.Controls["checkBoxUnbound"] as CheckBox;
            if (unboundCheckBox != null && unboundCheckBox.Checked)
        Console.WriteLine("DEBUG: checked found: " + i);
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