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I am trying to setup jenkins, but I cant get the authentication to work. I am running jenkins on Tomcat6 on CentOS 6.2. I enable logging in, and everything goes fine until I try to log in. After giving my credential and pressing login, tomcat gives me a error:

"HTTP Status 404 – The requested resource () is not available." on http://myserver:8080/jenkins/j_acegi_security_check

By googling I can find this:

Two suggested fixes I have found:

  • Run jenkins on tomcat instead of running the standalone version – I
    am already doing so.
  • Edit a file: WEB-INF/security/SecurityFilters.groovy – I tried to
    edit, but I can't get it to change anything

Is there something I could do to make this work?

Best Solution

Spent ages wrestling with this one, make sure a Security Realm is set when you are choosing your Authorization method in Jenkins.

That is, in Manage Jenkins → Configure Global Security select an option in the Security Realm list.

For example:

enter image description here

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