JMeter – saving results + configuring “graph results” time span


I am using JMeter and have 2 questions (I have read the FAQ + Wiki etc):

  1. I use the Graph Results listener. It seems to have a fixed span, e.g. 2 hours (just guessing – this is not indicated anywhere AFAIK), after which it wraps around and starts drawing on same canvas from the left again. Hence after a long weekend run it only shows the results of last 2 hours. Can I configure that span or other properties (beyond the check boxes I see on the Graph Results listener itself)?

  2. Can I save the results of a run and later open them? I know I can save the test plan or parts of it. I am unclear if I can save separately just the test results data, and later open them and perform comparisons etc. And furthermore can I open them with different listeners even if they weren't part of original test (i.e. I think of the test as accumulating data, and later on I want to view and interpret the data using different "viewers").


— Shaul

Best Solution

Don't know about 1. Regarding 2: listeners typically have a configuration field for "Write All Data to a File", which lets you specify the file name. You can use the Simple Data Writer to store results efficiently for later analysis.

You can load results from a previous test into a visualizer by choosing "Write All Data to a File" and browsing for the file you wish to load. Somewhat counterintuitively, selecting a file for writing also loads that file into the visualizer and displays the results. Just make sure you don't run the test again while that file is selected, otherwise you will lose your saved test data. :-)

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