Eclipse – keyboard shortcut in Eclipse to fold the current method/block


Hey, question says it all.
I have folding turned on in Eclipse (v3.4), and rather than having to click the little +/- in the page gutter, I'm wondering if there's a keyboard shortcut to just "fold the current method". A quick look at the menus and what-not in eclipse doesn't show a menu item for it, so maybe you just can't do it.


Best Solution

To expand on petrilli's answer:

  • Ctrl + Numpad_Multiply can also be used to expand all
  • Ctrl + Shift + Numpad_Divide is bound to collapse all
  • Ctrl + Numpad_Divide toggles folding on and off

And yes, they can all be rebound, if you know what text to filter on in Windows | Preferences | General | Keys.

"Folding", "Expand", "Collapse" are keywords that should get you all of the relevant commands.