Excel – Load Excel data sheet to Oracle database


I am looking for a free tool to load Excel data sheet into an Oracle database. I tried the Oracle SQL developer, but it keeps throwing a NullPointerException. Any ideas?

Best Solution

Excel -> CSV -> Oracle

Save the Excel spreadsheet as file type 'CSV' (Comma-Separated Values).

Transfer the .csv file to the Oracle server.

Create the Oracle table, using the SQL CREATE TABLE statement to define the table's column lengths and types.

Use sqlload to load the .csv file into the Oracle table. Create a sqlload control file like this:

load data
infile theFile.csv
into table theTable
fields terminated by ','

Invoke sqlload to read the .csv file into the new table, creating one row in the table for each line in the .csv file. This is done as a Unix command:

% sqlload userid=username/password control=<filename.ctl> log=<filename>.log


If you just want a tool, use QuickLoad