R – Logging into Peoplesoft App-Designer in 2 Tier using LDAP authentication


I have a database with LDAP login enabled. It works fine when logging in through the PIA or when logging into app-designer through the application server.

I need to make app-designer allow me to login with 2-tier mode using LDAP authentication. Is this possible without customization?

Best Solution

I do not think this is possible. 2-tier logs directly into the database and more importantly, does not run the signon peoplecode that does call-outs for LDAP authentication. In fact, 2-tier is really just a Win32 app that runs no peoplecode - it isn't a peoplesoft "application." There is a user callout dll delivered with peoplesoft, and some scant documents on what you have to do to use it - but again, likely not going to meet your need. You may need to use the ldap synch online app engine job to pull in your ldap users to security tables if you want to use those login identities for 2-tier access.

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