R – Looking For A .Net Table Component


I'm looking for a table control (aka ListView or DataGridView) that:

  • Can display a series of rows as a "child" of a row – if anyone's spent any time with Access, it does this when it works out associations between rows
  • will let me insert headers into the middle of the table, so I can e.g. group by a particular row and have a header above each group.
  • Ideally, let me draw more than one table at once, but I can fake this with a Panel and two table controls so I'm not so bothered.

It'd be nice if it could reach the efficiency of a DataGridView – my data tables generally have a lot of rows that tend to go in all at once, and paging is not really desired in this application.

Essentially, I'm looking for a table control where I can break the table at any row and stick something else in.

Is anyone aware of something that might be suitable?

Best Solution

I believe the obout grid can do what you're asking for. There are also other third party vendors like Telerik, Infragistics and ComponentOne that all have grid controls that should do what you want. I'd recommend downloading the trial versions of each and seeing which one works best for you.