R – Managed Source Control Hosting and Continuous Integration with CVSDude and CruiseControl.net


For my own project at home, I'm using the rather excellent managed subversion hosting from CVSDude. As it's only me working on the code right now, I'm not using CruiseControl.net, however I expect this will change in the next couple of months and will want a full build process to kick off upon check-in.

Has anyone managed to get CruiseControl.net working with CVSDude? My collegue Mike has this blog post where someone from CVSDude said:

"Your can use our post-commit call back facility to call a URL on your
server, which passes variables relating to the last checkin (variables
detailed in our specification). Your CGI script will these variables and
perform whatever tasks are required i.e. updating Cruise Control, etc."

Sounds lovely. But has anyone actually done it with cruisecontrol?

Best Solution

I had this email back from CVSDude:

We are currently working on a new version of our service which willeventually include CruiseControl integration.


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