Visual-studio – Mercurial .hgignore for Visual Studio 2008 projects


What is a good setup for .hgignore file when working with Visual Studio 2008?

I mostly develop on my own, only occasionly I clone the repository for somebody else to work on it.

I'm thinking about obj folders, .suo, .sln, .user files etc.. Can they just be included or are there file I shouldn't include?


p.s.: at the moment I do the following : ignore all .pdb files and all obj folders.

# regexp syntax.
syntax: glob

syntax: regexp

Best Solution

Here's my standard .hgignore file for use with VS2008 that was originally modified from a Git ignore file:

# Ignore file for Visual Studio 2008

# use glob syntax
syntax: glob

# Ignore Visual Studio 2008 files