R – Microsoft VPC IE image expiration



The IE6/7/8 XP SP3 images made available for testing from Microsoft are set to expire tomorrow(!) April 30. I'm a little concerned that Microsoft has not posted new images up yet since I use these fairly often as an easy way to test for IE6/7 compatibility issues that come up.

Does anyone else here have experience with these VPC images over a longer time frame to know that they will actually post new images tomorrow so there's no lapse? Or does anyone know of a good way to get this to the attention of the right person at Microsoft and make sure an image refresh happens?

Otherwise, does anyone have a good suggestion on how to test IE6/7 on the same machine that doesn't involve these free images?

Best Solution

I'm using a fairly old image that expired a while ago. It tends to run for a while and then giving a message about being expired, and then again in about an hour it resets itself. If your version does the same, I'd say it's not a problem really, just restart and off you go.