Mockup Editor – Free tool to easily add arrows, callouts, etc


I've been using Balsamiq to create mockups. I'm using the trial version, so I have all screens in one mockup instead of multiple files. I want to send an export of these mockups to my team so they can comment on them. They need to be able to easily add arrows, callouts, text, etc. I know you can do some of that in Balsamiq, but it isn't really made for these types of comments. I have used and added these in separate layers, but it isn't the most easy to use application for some non-technical people. I like the editor in Snagit as it easily allows mark up an image, but that is a paid app and I am looking for a free tool (that runs on Windows).

This tool doesn't necessarily need a screenshot capture tool as there are plenty of options available, but this wouldn't preclude a tool.

The things I would like to be able to easily do are:

  • Add arrows to show what button was clicked to move from one screen to another
  • Add callout text to offer suggestions to reword a section or move an item
  • Use different color/size markup items

I've found Pencil, but that seems like overkill – I don't need full image editing, just the ability for someone to quickly and easily provide feedback.

Best Solution

Maybe you can try ForeUI, if you like it, please drop me a mail to vivi[at], I can send you a license for free :-)

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