MongoDB Aggregation – match if value in array


I have a collection that I'm performing an aggregation on and I've basically gotten it down to

{array:[1,2,3], value: 1},
{array:[1,2,3], value: 4}

How would I perform an aggregation match to check if the value is in the array? I tried using {$match: {"array: {$in: ["$value"]}}} but it doesn't find anything.

I would want the output (if using the above as an example) to be:

{array:[1,2,3], value:1}

Best Solution

You can use aggregation expression in regular query in 3.6 version.

db.collection_name.find({"$expr": {"$in": ["$value", "$array"]}})

Using Aggregation:

You can use $match + $expr in current 3.6 version.

db.collection_name.aggregate({"$match": {"$expr": {"$in": ["$value", "$array"]}}})

You can try $redact + $in expression in 3.4 version.

  "$redact": {
    "$cond": [
        "$in": [