R – More examples of Prism (Composite Application Library) Applications


The examples that Microsoft's Patterns and Practices provides are quite helpful:

  • about a half-dozen simpler QuickStarts which touch on specific issues
  • the StockTrader reference implementation, which is a fairly rounded application

but it lacks a more useful base application that reads and writes to a data source (XML or database), allowing users to login, edit data, logout, etc. (something like what ASP.NET MVC comes with).

Since Prism applications can get quite complex and lengthy (the StockTrader example is almost 300 files without tests), it would be helpful to have an application that takes care of the CRUD bulk that everyone needs to build for most apps anyway.

Does anyone know of any data-editing Prism example apps out there?

Best Solution

Here (http://petedoesstuff.net/Blog/?p=79) you'll find a bunch of links to the samples of using the Prism.

Particularly, LateNight (http://code.google.com/p/cwpfsamples/) may be what you need. It has login screen and data editing functions.