Moving ModalPopup Outside the IFrame. Possible


I have an iframe inside my main page. There is a modalpopup inside the iframe page. So when the modalpopup is shown, the parent of the modalpopup is the iframe body and the main page parent body. Thus the overlay only covers the iframe and not the entire page.

I tried moving the modalpopup from the iframe to the parent windows body element (or any other element inside the parents body) using jQuery. I am getting an invalid argument error.

How do I show a modalpopup from an page inside iframe and it should cover the entire document, parent document as well?


Since few users are interested in achieving the same behavior .. here is the workaround

The best workaround that I would suggest would be to have the modalpopup in the main page .. and then invoke it from the iframe .. say something like this ..

/* function in the main(parent) page */
var _onMyModalPopupHide = null;
function pageLoad(){
    // would be called by ScriptManager when page loads
    // add the callback that will be called when the modalpopup is closed
// will be invoked from the iframe to show the popup
function ShowMyModalPopup(callback) {
    _onMyModalPopupHide = callback;
/* this function would be called when the modal popup is closed */
function onMyModalPopupHide(){
    if (typeof(_onMyModalPopupHide) === "function") {
        // fire the callback function;

/* functions in the page loaded in the iframe */
function ShowPopup(){
    if(typeof(window.parent.ShowMyModalPopup) === "function") {
        window.parent.ShowMyModalPopup.apply(this, [OnPopupClosed]);
// will be invoked from the parent page .. after the popup is closed
function OnPopupClosed(){
    // do something after the modal popup is closed

Hope it helps

Best Solution

If you're using the iframe simply for scrollable content you might consider a styled div with overflow: auto or scroll, instead.

A set up such as this makes it easier to modify the appearance of the entire page since you're not working with multiple documents that each essentially have their own window space inside the page. You can bypass some of the cross-frame communication and it may be easier to keep the information in sync if you need to do that.

This may not be suitable for all situations and may require ajax (or modifying the dom with javascript) to change the div contents instead of just loading a different document in the iframe. Also, some older mobile browsers such as Android Froyo builds don't handle scrollable divs well.