Moving multiple files in TFS Source Control


I'm using Team Foundation Server 2008 (SP 1) and I need to move multiple files from one folder to another (to retain file history). In addition to Team Explorer (with SP 1) I've also got the latest TFS Power Tools (October 2008) installed (for Windows Shell integration).

Now, the problem is that I can't seem to select and move multiple files via either the shell or the Source Control Explorer window. I can move individual files (by right clicking + "Move") and I can move whole folders (same operation) but when I select multiple files (in a folder) the "Move" context item is grayed/disabled.

Does anyone know if this is possible.. and if not.. why not!?

Can anyone suggest a workaround which isn't overly complicated?

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Best Solution

Use the tf.exe tool from the Visual studio commandline - it can handle wildcards:

tf.exe move <olditem> <newitem>


tf.exe move "$/My Project/V*" "$/My Project/Archive"

[EDIT] As noted in the comments: move is an alias for rename. Both commands move history.