Reactjs – Multiple React components in a single module


I am new to the whole browserify thing.
I have been trying to use browserify + reactify + gulp to transform, minify and combine a React application.
As long as I have a single React.createClass with a single module.exports = MyComponent everything works fine.
Since I have several shared components I physically host in the same file and reuse across projects, I would like to export more than one component.
I have tried an array:

module.exports = [Component1, Component2]

and have also tried an object with multiple properties:

module.exports = {Comp1: Componenet1, Comp2: Component2} and have also tried in-lining the calls to createClass in the object, but that didn't help.

Is there a way to do this or do I have to split every component in to a seperate JSX file?

Best Solution

You can do like this, with an index.js file into your /components/ folder


import Users from './Users/Users';
import User from './Users/User';

module.exports = {


import { Users, User } from './components';

As you can see, I named my file index.js, it prevent me from write it in the import declaration. If you want to name your file with another name than index.js, you'd have to write the name of the file in the import, Node won't guess it ! ^^