NetBeans equivalent to Eclipse’s Workspace


I enjoy using NetBeans, especially for development with Maven, however, I've found recently that I've been working with three different branches of the same code base in different parts of the development cycle.

One of the things that Eclipse can do is separate the projects into different workspaces, so I can simply start Eclipse with the workspace containing my Maven projects in the production patch branch or the trunk depending upon what I need to be working on.

I'd love to accomplish this in NetBeans, but haven't found a way to do so. Any ideas?

Best Solution

I am using Mac OS with version 6.7.1.

There is the option of project group.

In File > Project group.

In here you can create a project group based on a folder location, so any projects underneath this folder will be considered within this project group.

When switching between project groups only projects within are displayed, and it maintains the current status of opened files, etc.

Switching between project groups doesn't require closing the IDE.

Given those options I believe this would be equivalent to the workspace switching in Eclipse.