Firefox – NS_BINDING_ABORTED Shown in Firefox with HttpFox


I am seeing some of the server calls (Used for tracking purpose) in my site getting aborted in Firefox while seeing through HttpFox. This is happening while clicking some link that loads another page in the same window. It works fine with popup. The error type shown is NS_BINDING_ABORTED. I need to know is the tracking call is hitting the server or not.
It works perfectly with Internet Explorer. Is it any problem with the tool? In that case can you suggest any that can be used in Firefox too.

Best Solution

Because your server is not sending HTTP Expires headers, the browser is checking to see if what is in its cache is current.

The way it does this is to send the server a request saying what the date of what it has in the cache is, and the server is sending 304 status telling the client that what it has is current. In other words, the server is not sending the entire content again but instead sending just a short header to say the existing cache content is current.

What you probably need to fix, is to add Expires headers to what you are serving. Then you will see the NS_BINDING_ABORTED message change to (cache), meaning the browser is simply getting content out of its cache, knowing it has not yet expired.

I should add that, when you do a FireFox forced refresh, it assumes that you want to double-check what is in the cache, so it temporarily ignores Expires.