R – NSMutableURLRequest with large files


I'm writing an iPhone app that requests data from a web service, and in order to get that data, I'm using NSMutableURLRequest.

The problem that I am having is that the amount of data being requested is quite large (~11Mb), and this is causing my app to be killed by the OS.

Is there any way of streaming the data in a way that will allow me to process chunks of it, or should I just split the request over several separate requests in order to prevent the memory load spiking?

Best Solution

Think about converting your use of NSMutableURLRequest to an NSURLConnection. That class provides a way to specify a delegate object that will receive a series of connection:didReceiveData: messages, each of which will have some chunk of data from your web server. You can implement this method in your delegate in such a way that it will process data as it becomes available while still waiting for more data from the connection.

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