R – NSObject releaseā€¦ Still shows up in ObjectAlloc


I have been tracking down why NSObject references, while being explicitly release, still show up in ObjectAlloc. In fact, have reduced down NSObject to a basic shell, with a [[myObject alloc]init] immediately followed by a [myObject release], and it does not look like it is being released in ObjectAlloc. This is a big problem with a NavigationController app that pushes/pops multiple view controllers, as the recently popped viewcontrollers aren't being released, because of these 'unreleased' NSObject references. Hmmmmmm.

I could put my code up here, and have a bunch of 'have you's that never get anywhere. Autorelease pools, blah blah.

So, let's look at the Sample 'SeismicXML' sample app from Apple… fire it up in ObjectAlloc/Leaks. Very basic in getEarthquakeData:

XMLReader *streamingParser = [[XMLReader alloc] init];
[streamingParser parseXMLFileAtURL:[NSURL URLWithString:feedURLString] parseError:&parseError];
[streamingParser release];        

I see a TON of junk laying around in ObjectAlloc from XMLReader, despite releasing it. I bet if we put a 'refresh' button on this app to call 'getEarthquakeData' again, we would crash the app within 5 refreshes.

Any thoughts?

Best Solution

I think you are confused about the ObjectAlloc instrument which will show all object allocations for the lifetime of your application. It's main use is to track memory usage over time.

The instrument I think you want is the one that is called Leaks which shows you what memory is being leaked by not having any reference to it. That is pointers to objects not being sent release-dealloc before they are reassigned.

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