R – Obtaining information from Webpage – displaying it in an Iphone app


Is it possible to pull information from a website and display it in an iphone application?
I am looking to pull the current temperature and barometric pressure for an airport from the http://adds.aviationweather.noaa.gov website and display those two pieces of information in an app.

This sounds like a common task that programs do all the time but I'm not sure how it's incorporated into an app.. (what is the process of pulling webdata called?)

What methods or tools are available to do this? I am unfamiliar with handling web data for iphone at this time.

Best Solution

If they have an actual feed for the data, you could access it using NSHTTPRequest and parse the results.

If you need to screen-scrape the data off the page itself, then I would highly suggest creating your own web service to do the parsing and have your iPhone app talk to your web service. The reason being that if they update the page in a way that breaks your screen scraping you would only have to update your web service instead of deploying an update out to who-knows-how-many iPhones.

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