React-native – open maps/google maps in react native


I am trying to open google maps or maps in my react-native application, but when I run the app in my Iphone/simulator I receive the error "Don't know how to open URI:…".
What I am doing wrong?

My code:

openGps() {
  var url = 'geo:37.484847,-122.148386'

openExternalApp(url) {
  Linking.canOpenURL(url).then(supported => {
    if (supported) {
    } else {
      console.log('Don\'t know how to open URI: ' + url);

Best Solution

To open url with custom label ios/android:

const scheme ={ ios: 'maps:0,0?q=', android: 'geo:0,0?q=' });
const latLng = `${lat},${lng}`;
const label = 'Custom Label';
const url ={
  ios: `${scheme}${label}@${latLng}`,
  android: `${scheme}${latLng}(${label})`