Windows – Opening multiple PDF documents using batch file


I am trying to open several PDF documents using a simple batch file:

cd Program Files\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Reader
Acrord32.exe C:\Users\BW1.pdf
Acrord32.exe C:\Users\BW2.pdf
Acrord32.exe C:\Users\BW3.pdf
Acrord32.exe C:\Users\BW4.pdf
Acrord32.exe C:\Users\BW5.pdf
Acrord32.exe C:\Users\BW6.pdf

The above batch file opens the first PDF only, then waits until I close it for the next PDF file to open. How can I have all the PDF documents open at the same time? (Like going to Acrobat Reader, file->Open->xx.pdf)

Best Solution

Use start:

start acrord32.exe 1.pdf
start acrord32.exe 2.pdf
start acrord32.exe 3.pdf

Or even (as Johannes Rössel suggests in the comment below):

start 1.pdf
start 2.pdf
start 3.pdf

Would probably work as well (depending on your default PDF viewer).

Note that when using start you have to be careful when using quoted arguments, as the following won't work (the first quoted argument is interpreted as the title for a new console window):

start "1.pdf"

Instead you'll have to do the following:

start "" "1.pdf"

It's an annoying quirk of start, but you have to effectively supply a dummy title in this case to properly open the specified file (even though the title is unnecessary as this won't create a new console window).

A list of other available batch commands.