R – Possible to create WinForm apps in VB.NET that can access an intranet


I'm not looking for a solution, rather I just want to know if this is possible or not with VB.NET (which I'm still just a beginner on).

What I'm looking to develop is a WinForm application that allows users within the company network to share files and other information. Is this possible? Thanks.

Best Solution

You have LOTS of ways to do this, depending on the your requirements. You are basically building a distributed app, and .NET has some very strong technologies for this.

First of all, the most simple solution is to create a shared folder, and then create a program that uses that folder for communication (periodic checks for changes, etc...)

Second solution would perhaps be a ASP.NET web service, also depending what info you want to share.

At the end, the most powerful solution would be TCP/IP Sockets, but that is really for VERY fast, and VERY concurrent requirements.

Since you didn't fully describe what you want to do, I suggest you do a "distributed programming .NET" or "network programming .NET" search on the Google.

There are plenty of examples using all sorts of techniques, either in VB or C# (and you can also translate code from one to another).