R – Postback problem for the custom control load wizard


I have some problem that happens when controls are loaded in init and it still doesn't help me to get proper postback event fired on time.

I am trying to create a rich wizard control that will enable switching, links with description, completely customized steps, integration of substeps – by using dynamic control load that is avoids standard asp.net wizard way of loading.

Idea is to have on left part navigation, on right part content, or substeps that are run from right part and that go over whole area.

Download source project

Best Solution

Ok, I re-read the question, and here is what you have to do. You have to re-load these controls on each postback, give them always the same "Id". This can be done in Page_Init or in Page_Load event. And of course, you have to re-attach event handlers on each post back.

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