R – Project planning, Note taking tool for developers


i am looking for a project planning tool that include features like a organizer, todo list, target * deadlines of projects.

since i am a developer, it will be good to have a tool that can also do modelling like UML/ERD etc.

i am also looking for something that can do note taking. something like a blog with code snipplets – so with syntax highlighting. OneNote etc all does not have code highlighting – the best i can do is use an online syntax highlighter to generate HTML then paste in which is slow.

of course its good to have a free/open source tool that has all the features i listed. but its fine to know what paid options are there

Best Solution

Why does it have to be one tool? A combination of Outlook or Evolution (or KDE tools) and a UML tool like Umbrello would be far better than some kind of swiss-army knife jack-of-all-trades program.

The UNIX philosophy is based on the concept of many tools doing specialized tasks. The desktop, the command-line and open standards tie them together. For the most part this works very well.

Frankly i've never had much luck with programs that aim to be everything to everyone. Usually the end result is simply bloated and buggy.

Anyway, for the planner I suggest you look at Taskcoach. It's fantastic and has much of what you're looking for.