Pushing from subversion to web server


Long ago I tried to sort out my system between local, web server and subversion. I got some good explanation on this question.

Unfortunately I hit a road block on the whole pushing from SVN to a web server part and never revisited. All of my projects are solo, so I'm the only one developing them and often I'm the only user. So I've been able to get away with writing directly to the live server most of the time.

For 2009 I want to break that bad habit and actually do things the right way. I have SSH access to my web server (I can login and browse the files) but don't really know what to do in order to get the newest files out of SVN, into the server.

I've googled my fingers to the bone but everything I find requires some set of knowledge that I don't yet have.

I'd really, really appreciate step by step directions of how to automatically push the newest version of my code from an SVN repo to a live web server. FYI I'm currently using Beanstalk for Subversion hosting, but am totally willing to change that if someone has a better suggestion.


Best Solution

If you have SSH access you could do:

svn export [url to repo] [web directory]

Export will mean you don't get the .svn baggage that comes with a working copy.