Mongodb – Query for documents where array size is greater than 1


I have a MongoDB collection with documents in the following format:

  "_id" : ObjectId("4e8ae86d08101908e1000001"),
  "name" : ["Name"],
  "zipcode" : ["2223"]
  "_id" : ObjectId("4e8ae86d08101908e1000002"),
  "name" : ["Another ", "Name"],
  "zipcode" : ["2224"]

I can currently get documents that match a specific array size:

db.accommodations.find({ name : { $size : 2 }})

This correctly returns the documents with 2 elements in the name array. However, I can't do a $gt command to return all documents where the name field has an array size of greater than 2:

db.accommodations.find({ name : { $size: { $gt : 1 } }})

How can I select all documents with a name array of a size greater than one (preferably without having to modify the current data structure)?

Best Solution

There's a more efficient way to do this in MongoDB 2.2+ now that you can use numeric array indexes (0 based) in query object keys.

// Find all docs that have at least two name array elements.
db.accommodations.find({'name.1': {$exists: true}})

You can support this query with an index that uses a partial filter expression (requires 3.2+):

// index for at least two name array elements
    {'name.1': 1},
    {partialFilterExpression: {'name.1': {$exists: true}}}
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