R – Quick to learn ORM for .NET 2.0


I want to throw together a .net website as an interface to a subsystem I manage.

I'm planning to use ASP.net (on .net 2.0) because this is the shop's standard.

I would like to use an ORM because I was playing with Django a little bit ago and realize the time saver and code simplifier it was. I realize I may not get the time saving aspect because of the setup but I think it should make maintenance easier.

Can someone recommend a stable, very easy to learn/setup ORM product that works with ASP.NET 2.0. I prefer open source, but as long as the product is free it's fine.

Because learning something is dependent on the learner I want to share that I'm an experienced developer. I use a lot of languages and generally learn quickly with good material.

Best Solution

I recommend NHibernate. It is full featured, very mature and (in my experience) quite stable. Take a look at the summer of nhibernate screencasts (also free) and you'll have enough knowledge to get up and running in no time!