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Quick question regarding the use of "SELF" inside a module or library. Basically what is the scope/context of "SELF" as it pertains to a module or library and how is it to be properly used? For an example of what I'm talking about, check out the "AuthenticatedSystem" module installed with "restful_authentication".

NOTE: I'm aware that 'self' equates to 'this' in other languages and how 'self' operates on a class/object, however in the context of a module/library there is nothing to 'self'. So then what is the context of self inside something like a module where there is no class?

Best Solution

In a module:

When you see self in an instance method, it refers to the instance of the class in which the module is included.

When you see self outside of an instance method, it refers to the module.

module Foo
  def a
    puts "a: I am a #{}"

  def Foo.b
    puts "b: I am a #{}"

  def self.c
    puts "c: I am a #{}"

class Bar
  include Foo

  def try_it
    Foo.b # Bar.b undefined
    Foo.c # Bar.c undefined
#>> a: I am a Bar
#>> b: I am a Module
#>> c: I am a Module