Scheduled task or windows service


My team is having a debate which is better: a windows service or scheduled tasks. We have a server dedicated to running jobs and currently they are all scheduled tasks. Some jobs take files, rename them and place them in other directories on the network. Other jobs extract data from SQL, modify it, and ship it elsewhere. Other jobs ftp files out. There is a lot of variety, but all in all, they are fairly straightforward.

I am partial to having each of these run as a windows service instead of a scheduled task because it is so much easier to monitor a windows service than a scheduled task. Some are diametrically opposed. In the end, none of us have that much experience to provide actual factual comparisons between the two methods. I am looking for some feedback on what other have experienced.

Best Solution

If it runs constantly - windows service.

If it needs to be run at various intervals - scheduled task.