R – sending command and obtaining a reply from actionscript 3 / air


I am attempting to send a command to the command line with an air/as3 application.
I have seen some documentation on the invoke command but i am wondering if anyone else has dealt with the same set of circumstances.

basically the user will be checking boxes and filling out a form which will then be written as arguments to an application that will be doing the work. this application accepts these arguments as well as a place to store the output file and processes the file.

so is it possible to send commands to the command line using as3/air and furthermore is it possible to obtain the resulting message from the command line.

I have searched a bit for this sort of information but it seems that google returns a lot of 'how to compile as3 from the command line' tutorials and there are very few articles concerning air/as3 and it's possible interactions with the system's command line.

Thank you in advance,

Best Solution

there is no way to launch apps from AIR (explanation here), nor to send anything to the command line ... however mike chambers created CommandProxy that allows you to do so, interfacing with a C# counterpart ...



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