Visual-studio – Setting the manufacturer in a VS 2008 Setup Project


I have a windows setup project that installs a service. All works well except for one thing: The default directory offered to the user during install is of the form "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\ProgramName". I am trying to modify this so that instead of "Microsoft" we would have our company's name.

I found the application folder property of the setup project, and it has a DefaultLocation property of "[ProgramFilesFolder][Manufacturer][ProductName]". So, it looks like all I need to do is set the "Manufacturer" property and I'll be all set. However, I can not find a way to set this property! I had hoped it would take it from the company name in the AssemblyInfo of the primary output project, but it did not.

I could remove "[Manufacturer]" from the DefaultLocation and replace it with our literal company name, but that seems like a hack.

How do I set the Manufacturer name?

Note that I am not using a full-blown WiX project. I have simply added a windows setup project to my solution.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Best Solution

Click on your setup project in Visual Studio, open the Properties and you will notice that there are a number of Properties that you can set like Manufacturer, SupportURL, etc.